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Blog Design: Dee*Construction

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My dear friend Dee was kind enough to let me do a little work on her blog and give it a makeover! It features soft peachy pinks, a little hint of handmade, and wider images!

Pop on over and take a look!

xo Talia Christine

P.S. - You'll also notice a brand spanking new look here on the blog! I've been wanting to spruce things up here for a long time and I've been working on it a long time! Four (complete) blog designs later I'm finally happy with what I've got here now. Clean. Simple. No fuss. I needed a little bit of simplicity in this space. And wider images! Pretty!

While you're at it, take a peek at some other designs I've done!


  1. i follow Dee as well. It looks great!
    Nice work x

  2. Both yours and hers look amazing - great job! ;)

  3. Both look fantastic!
    And Sophie (sophieslim) has referred me your way for advice a blog and website makeover?


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