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In Stitches: Scout Tee

Striped Scout Tee photo scout_stripes.jpg
Striped Scout Tee photo scout_stripes2.jpg

I love a good tee. Who doesn't? But I'll admit I'm a little picky when it comes to finding the *perfect* tee. It has to be comfy AND stylish, never tight fitting because... just no. Cause then I'm not comfy. I'm too worried about my muffin top spilling over my jeans. AMIRIGHT? *ahem*

Enter the Scout Tee by by Grainline Studios. This loose fitting tee fits the bill perfectly. It requires very little fabric (think stash busting!) and is very easy from start to finish. It's stylish in that it manages to look a bit fancy but is sooo so comfy. So much win!

Striped Scout Tee photo scout_stripes_close.jpg

This pattern is actually designed for woven fabric and I have big plans to make some fancier blouses but it also makes a killer knit tee. This pattern is masterfully drafted and has very clear instructions that are easy to follow. PLUS, it's very easy to modify! I lengthened the Scout Tee to a more flattering length for me and made the neckline binding thinner to give it a more polished look.

Floral Scout Tee photo Scout_floral.jpg

I have plans to try and alter the pattern into a sheer peplum and a longer baby-doll tee dress.

Now BRB while I make ALLLL the tee shirts! x


Link Love .002

Handspun photo wool.jpg
  • How to accept a compliment with class  - An important lesson for everyone! Have you been guilty of discounting or brushing away compliments?

  • Self Lymph Drainage Massage - This was INVALUABLE to me this winter. I know we're heading out of colder weather now but it doesn't mean you can't get a bad head cold. I was dizzy for days because of all the sinus pressure, but after I did this massage my ears popped and I wasn't dizzy anymore. Many amaze.

  • A smart fight for awareness against food waste - I saw this campaign and thought that it was brilliant. It's a good reminder that just because food isn't picture perfect doesn't mean it's only good for tossing out. Fight food waste.

  • Perfecting serger tension - This. Because overlockers don't need to be a terrifying mystery.

  • The Myth of the Perfect Job - I found this series really really interesting. It's made me rethink a lot about careers and happiness. It's a multi-part series and I highly recommend it. It's quite good reading.

  • High-tech Silverware that assists those with hand tremors - I think this will mean a lot to those with tremors! This is a brilliant invention, in my opinion. 


DIY Hand painted Skirt

Hand painted Skirt photo paintedskirt2.jpg

I made this skirt ages ago (more on that later). It just never really clicked with me. I mean, it was always just OKAY in my mind. A good staple, but a bit boring. Do you what I mean? I'd been playing around with the idea of hand printing fabrics for ages but I didn't have a specific project in mind. Then it hit me. What my skirt needed was some personality. It needed some zing. What it NEEDED was some hand printing. I played around with the idea of handprinted triangles or parallelograms, but after a failed experiment I decided to go with imperfect swipes with a paintbrush.

Zing badabing. It was just what this skirt needed.

Hand painted Skirt photo paintedskirtdetail.jpg

I used a bronze textile paint and an acrylic paintbrush, laid the skirt out (with newspaper inside the skirt so that the paint didn't bleed through), and had it! It was a simple project that I knocked out in an afternoon. After the paint dried I set it with a hot iron so that the paint wouldn't wash out.

Now I have a skirt that I finally love.

Hand painted Skirt photo paintedskirt3.jpg


Link Love .001

Man, why do weekends feel like they go by so fast?*

This weekend we enjoyed spending some time with Audrey's cousins who are up visiting from Masterton. We miiiiissssed them.

This weekend we also did some tidying up outside, gardening, ate some fish and chips, and generally enjoyed the good weather. I could get used to Spring.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Link Love:

 photo 20140430-asian-greens-en-choy-thumb-610x457-398302.jpg
source: Serious Eats

  • The Serious Eats Field Guide to Asian Greens - I've been venturing out into the unknown and have started cooking with various Asian greens. I found this article really useful in decoding these new-to-me veggies.

  • I want to make this. Or something very like it. Watch this space.

  • Speaking of making things with wood. I bought a Kreg Jig Mini for  myself for my birthday and I'm totally excited and just a little bit nervous about getting over my fear of power tools.

  • 4 Ways To Turn A Hem  - The Coletterie has been running a blog series on all things hems. I found this article and the accompanying photos very helpful! Hemming sounds like it should be easy but it can be tricky to get it just right. If you've ever found yourself out of your depth with hemming then I highly recommend this blog series.

*Wait, it's Tuesday already? HOW?!


Hello! I missed you.

It has been, um, WAY too long since I've last blogged. I kinda took an unplanned, indefinite break from the blog. I needed a break and I needed to evaluate whether blogging was something I ever wanted to continue with or not.

And? Well, I missed it. At first it was nice not having to worry about blogging, then as time wore on I realized I missed the creative outlet that it gave me. And I missed YOU guys, though heaven knows *heh* that I'm on Instagram enough.

Annnnywho. I thought the blog needed a bit o' scrubbin up as a celebration so I gave the blog a bit of a facelift. I like.

I leave you with this and a promise to return soon. I've got lots planned for this little space:

 photo partypartyapp.gif



That time when Audrey cut her own hair

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut2.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut3.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut4.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut5.jpg

I looked at her freshly chopped hair with big eyes and calmly gave her a hug and handed her back to her papa. Then I walked into my room, closed the door, and I cried big fat alligator tears. We were in the other room when it happened. Phil walked in the lounge to get the girls dressed when I heard, "Oh no! Audrey! What have you done? LOVE! IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED!!" My first thought was, "We don't have any markers? She couldn't have drawn on furniture."

We had just finished watching Tangled and finished the part where Rapunzel's hair is cut short and Audrey wanted to cut her own hair too. We've watched it a dozen times but I didn't think that she'd actually TRY it!

After my sadness subsided we parted her hair differently and trimmed it all over to um... blend it in. And actually it's not so bad! I mean... it could have been worse right? And it'll only take another three years for it to grow out again. *big deep breath*

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut7.jpg
I told her cutting her own hair was very naughty but that hair doesn't matter, she is still beautiful. And then I kissed her cute little nearly-3-year-old cheek and reminded her that I love her very much.

Phew. The adventures in motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day to me! ;)

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut6.jpg